Our philosophy 
At Michael Cooper Architects, innovation and pragmatism converge to redefine the essence of architectural excellence. Our approach to design is characterised by a fresh perspective that seamlessly integrates with our unwavering commitment to practical solutions throughout every project phase. This distinctive synergy sets us apart, not only in our ability to create exceptional buildings but also in our dedication to forging lasting relationships with clients and industry partners. 
Our firm thrives on a culture of autonomy and empowerment, where individual contributions are not just encouraged but celebrated. In this collaborative environment, every team member plays a vital role, fostering a culture of openness and critical thinking that propels our design process to new heights of innovation and resilience. 
At Michael Cooper Architects, we believe that with the right team, every design challenge becomes an opportunity, and the journey from concept to realization is not just achievable but immensely enjoyable. Join us on this exciting exploration where creativity meets practicality, and together, we build more than structures – we build lasting experiences. 
Our Team
Michael Cooper                BArch(Hons), NZCD(Arch), ANZIA
Brent Hore                      BArch(Hons), ANZIA
Belinda van Eeden           MArch(Prof)(Hons), BAS
Brita Camplin                   MArch(Prof)(Hons), BAS
Diana Piatov                    MArch(Prof), BAS, Dip Arch Tech ​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Ashley Welsh                   MArch(Prof)(Hons), BAS
Sean Woodford                Dip Arch Tech
Poppy Finn-House            Dip Arch Tech
Ben Mason                       BAS, Arch Graduate
Olivia Kay                        BAS, Arch Intern
Sarah Selman                  BAS, Arch Intern
Bella Struve                     BAS, Arch Intern

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