Our philosophy 
We believe that our fresh approach to design, and our ability to remain pragmatic during all aspects of a project differentiates us from our competitors.  This synergy makes us an attractive proposition to build not only great buildings, but also great relationships with our clients and our industry partners.
We foster autonomy within our practice, while we work in a team environment we encourage and empower individuals within the team.  Everyone within our team has something to contribute, providing a culture that values openness and critical thinking.
This ensures that we have a more innovative and robust design process.
With the right team, not only is anything possible, but more importantly, the journey from inception to execution is hugely enjoyable.
Our Team
Michael Cooper               BArch(Hons), NZCD(Arch), ANZIA
Brent Hore                      BArch(Hons), ANZIA
Sophie Gillies         MArch(Prof)(Hons), BAS​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Diana Piatov                    MArch(Prof), BAS, Dip Arch Tech 
Mark Mildon                     MArch(Prof)(Hons), BAS 
Belinda van Eeden            MArch(Prof)(Hons), BAS ​​​​​​​
Liam Metcalfe                   MArch(Prof)(Hons), BAS​​​​​​​
Brogan Linstrom               MArch(Prof)(Hons), BAS
Brita Camplin                   MArch(Prof)(Hons), BAS
Charlotte Rasmussen        BAS
Jemma Johnston              MArch(Prof), BAS
Nada Elkhour                   BAS
Ben Mason                       BAS, Arch Intern
Olivia Kay                        BAS, Arch Intern
Sarah Selman                  BAS, Arch Intern

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